Omni-channel xMP 


Incredible Apps

We can now offer a free migration of xMP applications to the new Omni-channel capable version of xMP.

This offers unparalleled web based studio and tools that can create apps that run on any channel. They can answer calls, talk via SMS, be a web based app or chatbot, provide API services to other apps, the list is endless!

  • Visual and Voice IVR
  • AI enabled voice interactions
  • Chatbots via web, SMS, messaging
  • API and RPA Apps
  • Fully functional web or mobile apps

History of xMP

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Why Choose Omni-channel xMP

Apps in Hours

Rapid application creation and management using the advanced drag-n-drop low-code tools that open up a wealth of technology across channels

Your Data

We believe in that the data the system stores is yours and we don't store any other information that is not available to you. We also offer an on-premise solution.

Backed by R&D

We and our partners spent over twenty years in research and development creating the tools and technology for you to create amazing applications.