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For over thirty years we have provided innovative voice and contact centre technology and are now offering a free migration of applications to a new version of our software xMP that is Multi-channel and Multi-Modal capable.

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Free Upgrade

Vicorp is offering a free upgrade of applications running on xMP to a Multi-channel capable and rebuilt version of the product called xMP mc.



We offer a 24/7 Helpdesk for support of existing solutions and also any new services or solutions created with Multi-channel xMP mc.


Managed Service

We currently provide managed services for our long term clients. We can also provide a quote to manage systems for you.



We offer a free 60 minute consult to discuss your solution and services requirements.  



You can create new solutions and apps on Multi-channel xMP mc and we will support old migration legacy solutions for you.


Cost Effective

Our cost effective free upgrades from xMP to multi-channel xMP mc can provide you with an equivalent app in days.

Why work with us?

AI Enabled

The new migration path for xMP applications to Multi-channel xMP mc provides a way to have AI enabled applications that are fully capable and low cost.

Fast Apps

If you decide to migrate to Multi-channel xMP mc or create new applications. You can take advantage of the web based tools that provide multi-channel apps quickly.

24/7 Support

We can provide support services for any applications or platforms that already have or want to create using the new multi-channel xMP.

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